Alexander Fedotov

Deputy director at the digital agency Olshansky and Partners, head of the complex projects department, experienced Internet Marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. He helped to implement projects with total money raised about $10 million.

“I am able to help you as trusted advisor and PM in Internet Marketing”.

His team is Adwords Premium Partner, so he’s able to provide you with a professional service (internet marketing). They currently provide services for ICOs  (traffic acquisition, whitepaper consulting, webinar setup, email funnels, community management, social media marketing, landing page) and did traffic acquisition for another ICO (for about a week and got 35USD per subscriber via Facebook, Youtube, GDN, ICOalerts and CoinMarketCap at total).

He has over 7 years of experience with Internet Marketing. Started with PPC Adwords management in 2008 became proficient in a range of tools, divided in following categories:

Internet Marketing Strategy:
– Lean Canvas in order to develop ready to test business model. It helps a lot if you are on a stage “how can I benefit from my new idea or project”
– “Pain – Gain – Tasks to be done” analysis if you are heading towards your MVP
– Factor Analysis. As you go deep in competitor analysis, you start seeing those successful companies know and manage customers needs and expectations with their services and products. I can give you strategic advice, so you can grow your market share just by adding focus on some factors you didn’t know about.

Acquisition of traffic:
– SEO as a part of organic growth plan. A technical audit, keyword research and detailed plan of implementation. This is vital for some types of businesses, with demand in search engines
– PPC – mostly Adwords and Facebook ads. Activation – conversion to a lead
– usability testing with real users and clients. Such process gives you a range of UX problems, helps a lot if you are interested in “Why my clients don’t buy”.

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    Deputy Director at Olshansky and Partners