Chris Principe

Chris Principe has worked in Global Trade as a consultant, exporter, importer, banker, trainer and financial solutions provider for over 25 years. Chris is a futurist interested in the use of cryptocurrencies as a reserve currency for global trade and building the Supply Chain powered by blockchain technology to increase the speed, compliance and security of Trade. Consulting and training are at the forefront of his activities working with many Banks, Financial Institutions, Financial Software Providers, Cryptocurrency and Fintech companies on topics from Trade Finance, to Islamic Finance to International Banking, and Value Creation Innovation. The goal is to provide alternative financial power to people and business.

​He is the President of Collabatix, Inc., and CEO of Chain2Trade, Inc., both are focused on the Global Trade Blockchain by easing the friction and increasing speed, compliance and security. He is the official Trade Finance Certificate Instructor for FIBA and Florida International University. Chris publishes FinFuture magazine, and Financial IT magazine A gifted keynote speaker, Chris is invited to many international banking and fintech conferences to speak, moderate, as a panelist and event Chairman. As an author, Chris blogs regularly and has authored over 35 industry articles

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    President at Collobatix, Inc.