Stefan Pajković

Stefan Pajković is a serial entrepreneur who grew up in London and earned his Electrical Engineering degree from UCL. He never saw the difference between finance and technology since getting into both requires highly-developed engineering problem-solving skills. Stefan began his career as an Interest Rates Derivatives trader and VP at Deutsche Bank. Afterwards, he co-founded an online brokerage company called Global Trader, which grew internationally and was sold in 2006 for 50 million dollars. In order to understand the Israeli business ecosystem better, he spent a couple of years there collaborating with numerous people working in FinTech companies.

In 2013, he founded TradeCore — a successful multi-product FinTech company with over 60 full-time employees. The uniqueness of TradeCore is that it operates across FinTech, RegTech, payments, and crypto verticals. TradeCore can be seen as AWS for FinTech, since its products allow clients to make use of all the components that historically would have taken them a significant amount of time to develop. As a result, clients can grow their infrastructure, manage costs, and enter the market with their new product within weeks.

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    Founder & CEO at Tradecore