Stefania Barbaglio

“FinTech is shaping the future of financial services and investment opportunities.  Blockchain and Crypto are the rock ‘n’ roll of the new millennium.”

Entrepreneur. Investor. Founder and Director of Cassiopeia Services, awarded Best International Investor Relations Firm 2018.

Known for her entrepreneurial spirit and boundless creativity, keen eye for opportunities, Stefania founded Cassiopeia Services in early 2015, after over 8 years of experience in Public & Investor Relations and Financial Journalism. Cassiopeia is a boutique Investor & Public Relations agency based in the City of London, working with private and listed companies across various sectors in the UK, and worldwide. Having already established herself as one of the best connected and sought-after experts in the City, she is now becoming increasingly involved in technology and innovation, particularly blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies, advising a range of companies in this space as well as working on her own start-up projects.
Stefania also works closely with investors to keep them informed and up to date.  During the current  transitional period in the crypto space, she is assisting them to better understand the opportunities available, as well as addressing any concerns they may have.

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